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Compressed air systems are essential to plant operations. The electric motors that drive most air compressors are among the largest motors in the plant. They also consume the most electricity. And yet, often plant employees believe “compressed air is free!”

The industry watchdog, The Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) asserts that nearly half of the energy used in compressed air systems is wasted. Air Flow Air Auditors help industrial customers establish a ‘baseline’ for system efficiency.  By data logging plant operations, our System Air Audit Report gives customers a true picture of plant compressed air operations. We follow up with recommendations for improvements that, when implemented, will reduce plant energy costs dramatically.

Computer programs allow our Air Auditors to propose “what if” scenarios for your plant following the completion of a System Air Audit. Through the computer models you will get a “snapshot” view of how different compressors, pressures, and air receivers and controllers might affect your utility expense. This computer “wizard” is an important tool in updating any compressed air system.

Our System Leak Detection Survey utilizes proven ultrasonic technology to identify system air leaks.  The Survey results indicate the location, size and dollar savings potential of each air leak.  Too often industrial plants spend money operating compressors that are feeding useless air leaks. The System Leak Detection Survey is the first step in eliminating that waste within your plant!

To learn more about a free consultation regarding a System air Audit or a Leak Detection Survey, contact your Air Flow Sales Representative! 1-800-820-4025.

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U.S. Department of Energy
Certified AIRMaster+ Specialist
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